transportation Industries

Take a look & learn more about the major industries ITI services.

Peppers In Basket

Since 2011, ITI has been providing food & beverage transportation to retailers such as Sobeys, Walmart, Target, Costco, & more.

Some examples of products we transport include:

- Frozen baked goods

- Fresh produce

- Dry & canned goods

- Juice & coffee


Prescription Drugs And Pills On Table

ITI specializes in the transportation of temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals. Our refrigerated trucks combined with modern 24/7 tracking, ensure that all products retain the highest quality from pickup to drop-off.



While transporting frozen meats, all products must be kept at -18°C and protected from damp weather. To maintain the storage life and high quality of the meat, ITI handles all loads with appropriate care and ensures the safe & stable transportation of all goods.


Waiting Room Chairs

ITI provides custom solutions to meet all customers' needs. Our team works in a system to ensure that the transportation of all furniture goods arrives safely and on time.


Packaging Materials

ITI also specializes in the shipment of packaging materials. These materials ensure that all goods are protected on their travels, no matter the transportation method. Our team can effectively put together solutions for all packaging needs.



ITI handles the transportation of equipment, parts, and heavy machinery across Canada and the USA. Our team works to find cost-effective solutions for full truckload, less-than truckload, and flatbed transportation methods.


Hands Holding Seeds

ITI offers cost-effective and reliable solutions for all agricultural needs. Whether you are transporting dry seeds & fertilizers or moving heavy farm equipment & machinery - ITI has you covered. 


Plastic Beadings

Our team understands that various different plastics & chemicals call for various methods of transportation and care. ITI offers cost-effective solutions that meet all regulations needed in order to transport all goods safely and on time.